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Greeny - April 7, 2011, 9:18 pm
ICEMAN - April 7, 2011, 7:52 pm
Ttoo many tt's.


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AdmiralAckbar - October 11, 2010, 8:28 pm
we live in eden


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concern3 - June 23, 2015, 4:56 am
you can be so cruel and funny at the same time


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wookie - August 10, 2009, 3:59 pm
you kiss your ewok with that mouth? Seriously? There is more to life....tone it down some EH?
YAY - August 10, 2009, 3:51 pm
This is fucking garbage The original "Make no sense" is better. DONT FUCK W/ IT FAGGOT. Get some orginiality dipshit.
Alguien de la Calle - May 8, 2009, 11:18 am
indeed !
Alguien de la Calle - May 8, 2009, 11:17 am
indeed !
Hashbrownmaster - March 28, 2009, 1:19 am
well obviously water is low on the deathstar so hes simply purifying some water from the ocean and filling those jugs to take back with him


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spencer - August 9, 2009, 10:43 am
amen. i am sick of hearing that every foreigner is hot.


DUMB - This Guy has the IQ of a thimble

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Scorpio7 - January 26, 2009, 9:09 am
Respectfully, I don't think his IQ is all that high...

INTELLIGENT DESIGN - helping stupid people feel smart since 1987

PSYCHOTIC - No food and shelter for Sylvester this week!

INTELLIGENT DESIGN - In fairness, it makes about as much sense as the entire universe and all within it magically bursting out of nowhere (Big Bang).

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Elder God Douchebag - December 10, 2008, 12:32 am
Oh, yeah, that. Loooong night of drinking.
KingKong - December 9, 2008, 11:24 pm
the platypus explain that one einstein.
PSA - November 22, 2008, 9:09 pm
and there was actually proof that the universe can be created by the imbalance of matter VS anti-matter.....where's your proof dumbshits?
PSA - November 22, 2008, 9:07 pm
but it makes more sense that some giant guy with all these powersa was the one who came out of nowhere instead right?



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R.S.Jake - April 12, 2010, 10:41 am
So...Mr. M? How is that Religifake.com site coming along? :)

INTELLIGENT... - These guy's are not.